Earlier today there was a discussion on Twitter regarding the need for a change to wardec mechanics that eventually led to some criticisms regarding the wardec roundtable. I promised to write a response to these points so here it goes…

She’s not wrong.

To start off, unlike past roundtables actually conducted by the CSM, this roundtable was something I set up because it was a subject I am passionate about and had been requested by several friends in the mercenary community. I did this for them, and my intention was to give wardeccers the opportunity to present their problems and present possible suggestions to alleviate them. I also invited a handful of non-wardeccers who I highly respect and who I could expect to respond critically in discussions rather than just emotionally. As someone who lurks the ‘Ideas and Suggestions’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’ sections of the forums I already have a good grasp of the regular back and forth between the two sides and didn’t want to have the roundtable descend into that. So initially, the majority of those invited were wardeccers.

As I mentioned in a previous post this all kind of went out the window because I didn’t inform Ashterothi and he publicly advertised the roundtable as he was streaming it. In the end I was pleased that it worked out (especially because about half the people who said they were coming didn’t show up in the end, some because of a mercenary war between Archetype and Vendetta Mercenary Group) and we ended up having a mostly civil discussion to help educate the CSM. Personally, I reflect back on this roundtable as a bit of a trial run for future discussions. I know that the previous Ganking and Anti-Ganking roundtables were held separately, and I’m curious to know how they fared in comparison not being able to have much of a back and forth like we had at times. But it’s all good progress in communication between the community in the CSM in my opinion.

Discussions will continue. I’m pleased with the roundtable overall, but it was just a start – I’d love to see more players of all backgrounds getting involved in the next step of the Wardec Project and I’m going to start pressing it on people just to be a huge jerk. I’m going to give you the tools you need to contribute to the discussion, all you have to do is hop in. Our Discord is now here.

Make it fun.





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