The Wardec Project Redux

With Ascension dropping in a matter of hours, I figured it might be a good time to get over Battlefield and actually get back on track with my plans for the Wardec Project. The project was started just over a year ago to discuss ways to improve wardec mechanics with the goal of building a document for displaying to CCP and the larger EVE community. While the project didn’t gain a huge amount of momentum, I’m hoping the a small reworking and rebooting on my part will kickstart the whole thing.

My main goal is to ensure that the project is open to everyone who wants to express their thoughts, and will maintain some semblance of fair discussion. I want discussions to be easily accessible – so I’ve started up a Discord channel here for those who want to join in. The document itself will go from being openly edited to being operated by a select few, adding points and snippets from the Discord discussions as new ideas and good points are raised. If someone pitches an idea for a rework, it can be posted for discussion as well. While the old document can be found here, I’m planning to do some reworking as soon as everything is sorted.

Until then, let’s talk.



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