The Wardec Project

Back in January when I was first reaching out to other players about their perspectives on Highsec, Tora Bushido showed me the work that he and Jason Quixos had created called the Wardec Project. The Wardec Project was designed to be a forum for discussion with hopes of creating a better wardec system. While there was some initial success in bringing people in and starting up conversation, the project has been laying dormant for most of the year as Jason has picked up other projects. Following the recent wardec roundtable, Jason asked me if I would be interested in taking over custodial duties for the project and get things moving again, to which I happily agreed. So starts another project – I’ll make another post about this later in the week once things move forward, but I’d really like to organize everything and then open the gates a bit more for discsusion.

Until then,

Make it fun.



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