Wardec Roundtable 10/08/2016

My failure to get elected into CSM XI was pretty much expected; being a nobody who wants to represent the ganking and wardeccing communities probably isn’t a winning strategy. But at the very least I wanted to be honest to myself and represent the playstyle and lifestyle that I enjoy in EVE Online. So after a few days of self pity and self reflection following the election, I determined that my best strategy moving forward towards the CSM XII elections would be to improve on my perception of the state of Highsec.

In the weeks leading up to the CSM Fall Summit, the CSM starting hosting roundtables on subjects such as wormholes, PVE, ganking, anti-ganking, and faction warfare to prepare themselves for upcoming discussions with CCP. I was really pleased to see ganking getting attention from the CSM, though I ended up missing out on participating because of work. Though I knew wars wouldn’t be discussed at the summit, I poked a couple of CSM members about them setting up a roundtable for the future. While they agreed, I realized this presented an opportunity for myself to actually do something for a community that I care for and get some experience organizing discussions.

So I set it up myself.

I wanted to make sure that all the legwork would be handled on my end so that any CSM that could come out would simply need to listen. I reached out to get representation from all the Highsec mercenaries as well as a few high-profile Highsec folk, put together discussion points, and setup a time and place for everyone to be there. That said, I could have done a better job doing pretty much all of the above, so this was a good experience for practice. My first mistake was that once I had gotten a bunch of people who wanted to participate, I should have tried to put together a definitive date and time for when this would have been happening. I tried to get everyone to join a slack to discuss when the roundtable should be held, which in retrospect was a ridiculous measure just to find that out. To make matters worse a couple hours before hosting the roundtable I discovered the Teamspeak I was planning to use for the discussion could only host 10 people, so I needed to switch to Discord and re-invite everyone to it. I was lucky to have help from Ashterothi in setting that up, in addition to streaming it.

After a bumbling introduction, I started off the discussion and let it flow. The discussion naturally covered a lot of the points I had prepared, but I definitely should have done more to steer the conversation back on track at times. I know that after a couple of hours Jin’Taan was getting a bit worn out and started to take the reins for me just so he could get to bed. All those issues aside, the roundtable went very well, and the CSM members that came out seemed pleased though tired. For me it felt very much like my first run for CSM, something that I needed to improve upon, but was an enriching experience.

The recording can be found here for anyone who feels like listening for almost three hours.





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